Sliding Windows

Security Sliding Windows are well suited for modern residential applications aiming at security and modern appearance. Sliding Windows are available in single or double sliding options to provide for any space and type of installation. The interlock for the panel comes with separate tracks for flexibility in either retrofit installation or new construction. MAJESTEC sliding windows are developed with high performance mechanism and components, including spring loaded wheel roller carriages which have tested to provide years of effortless operation. Our products provide high protection and give you a clear view and breeze without compromising the style or appearance of your home. 


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Features & Benefits

    Screen is made of high tensile wire materials woven into high quality stainless steel 316, the highest grade of stainless steel.
    Tensile resistance up to 800-900 MPa.
    Wire diameter of 0.8mm, allowing cool breeze to pass through.
  • Aluminum Framing:
    Extruded using higher strength and corrosion resistance 6063-T5 grade aluminum
    Powdercoated to any color choice (solid colors or wood grain finish)

  • Locking Systems and Hardware:
    Use of multi lock handles for doors and windows.
    Heavy duty tracks and rolers.
    Undergone rigorous test; Dynamic impact test, knife shear test, Jemmy Test and salt spray test.
    Protection from intruders and insects.
    Protects glass from breakage or damaged caused by weather conditions such as typhoons and hurricanes.
    Locks and handles specially designed for safe and rapid opening as they can be easily released from inside.