Quick Escape

Quick-Escape Windows are well suited for ground-floor applications in newly constructed residential and commercial buildings. Our Quick-Escape Windows come with a quick release mechanism that can be activated only from the inside of your home. The design allows only for outward opening and make it appear as a fixed panel when looking in. Therefore, Quick Escape Windows are appropriate to be installed on the ground floor of the building of avoid accidental unlock.



Features & Benefits

  • Screen:
    Screen is made of high tensile wire materials woven into high quality stainless steel 316, the highest grade of stainless steel .
    Tensile resistance up to 800-900 MPa .
    Wire diameter of 0.8mm, allowing cool breeze to pass through.
  • Aluminum Framing:
    Extruded using higher strength and corrosion resistance 6063-T5 grade aluminum .
    Powdercoated to any color choice (solid colors or wood grain finish).
  • Locking Systems and Hardware:
    Undergone rigorous test; Dynamic impact test, knife shear test, Jemmy Test and salt spray test .
    Protection from intruders and insects.
    Protects glass from breakage or damaged caused by weather conditions such as typhoons and hurricanes .
    Locks specially designed for safe and rapid opening as they can be easily released from inside.