Magic Touch Wardrode Door

Introducing ‘Magic Touch’, the built-in wardrobe system with the discreet elegance of slimline aluminum doors.

‘Magic Touch’ doors are custom made to your requirements, complementing your modern décor beautifully. Wardrobe doors with a touch of magic.

Add more elegance and space using our sleek wardrobe doors. With concealed heavy duty rollers that guides with minimum effort, full perimeter bumper seal to avoid noise and vinyl backing for added safety. Low sill track and other added features, makes it a perfect choice as an all in one full length mirror and wardrobe door or walk in closet.



Features & Benefits

  • Provide ready made full dress mirror, makes the room more spacious
  • Compliment any bedroom designs
  • Discreetely elegent designs that compliment modern design, sleek, strong and clean finish
  • Smooth operation, quiet sliding, and ease of operation, easy to maintain
  • Less obstrusive and suitable for walk-in closets
  • Offering safety protection in case of accident
  • Designed with spring actions ensure doors glides neatly between stacks
  • Easy to clean, slides effortlessly, does not skip off tracks
  • To suit any bedroom design and concept
  • 4 Years warranty on mechanism