Duralco is the Philippine's premiere manufacturer of a comprehensive range of Aluminum Windows & Doors, Security
Screens, Shower Enclosure and Window Coverings. It has been in the business for more than 20 years. Duralco has been
loyal to its promise of improving homes using its four (4) pillars.

Mission Vision

To be known as the most reliable and service-oriented provider of a wide range of interior and home building products with distinct designs and exemplary workmanship.

To achieve this, we commit to:

1. Exceed customer’s and partner’s need
2. Select, maintain and continuously develop competent employees
3. Create an environment that promotes a sense of pride and belonging; and
4. Ensure a fair return of investment for our stockholders

Our core values, which guide our behavior in dealing with customers, employees, stockholders and others, are:

A. DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT - living to the mission and values of the company

1. Maintain positive attitude towards work
2. Show willingness to achieve set goals and objectives
3. Adhere to company rules and regulation
4. Take fill accountability of one’s area of responsibility
5. Take initiative to improve performance, work, environment, process, etc.
6. Encourage employees to make decisions and solve problems
7. Resolve issues effectively
8. Use company resources wisely at all times
9. Protect the interest of the company
10. Uphold the company’s image at all times
11. Ensure confidentiality of company’s information
12. Extend help to co-employees regardless of department without expecting anything in return

B. EXCELLENCE – continuously finding ways and means to achieve optimum results

1. Continuously learn new ways of doing things
2. Ensure that quality standards are met
3. Maintain efficiency and effectiveness
4. Do the work right the first time
5. Maximize company resources for optimum results
6. Give extra effort for greater output
7. Listen to and act on feedback
8. Address customer’s concern promptly
9. Provide precise and accurate feedback to the department’s concerns and interests
10. Formulate policies and procedures which stimulates performance
11. Have a clear understanding of business strategies at all levels and how we are involve in that strategy
12. Provide complete and comprehensive information for fast results
13. Produce complete and timely report
14. Provide on time delivery of products and services

C. TEAMWORK – working and acting together as team players to achieve goals and objectives
1. Put the team above self
2. Show willingness in settling conflicts immediately
3. Maintain open communication at all times
4. Shoe mutual trust and respect among co-employees
5. Anticipate the requirements of teammates
6. Treat teammates as customers
7. Coordinate all information with concerned department effectively and harmoniously
8. Encourage giving and receiving feedback
9. Define strengths and weaknesses of employees and recognize performance
10. Involve oneself in company activities
11. Create activities that will foster unity
12. Share ideas willingly

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World Renowed Partners

Duralco maintains its partnership with selected world-renowned brands dedicated in providing premium quality products for its
consumers. The company's selection of partners is backed up by research, choosing only the companies that carry top-of-the-line
products making sure that they are truly the best in their fields.

Uncompromised Quality

Duralco stands for integrity.Using only premium products and not just copied technologies, all Duralco products are authentic from our world renowned suppliers including frame, mechanisms, and others accessories. All our products use only superior corrosion resistance and precise ground systems that are elegantly and intelligently designed to withstand external conditions passing the highest of standards.

25 Years of service Experience

Duralco was established way back in 1987 with the name, Pagent Products Corporation (PPC). Pagent was built by a highly astute
visionary to satisfy the growing demands of homeowners for high quality window coverings. Establishing a positive and unsurpassed
reputation in market, Duralco then extended its product lines to include aluminum products: shower enclosure, windows and doors and
security screens.

This expansion gave birth to the name Duralco., short dor Durable Aluminum Company. At present, Duralco remains to be one of the
leading providers of premium quality home building products. It has continuously proven to innovate its products as it introduces the
latest technologies in the market: Aneeta Sashless Windows and Majestec Clear Vision Security Screen.

Customer First Mentality

Our products are designed with one thing in mind: our customers convenience. We made
sure that our products are easily accesible for our customers with our 4 strategic
showrooms around Metro Manila.